AmplifX does in-silico PCR and test primer quality

The main purpose of AmplifX is to search through a collection of primers, such as any molecular biologist has in his refrigerators, to find those which can be use to amplify a fragment into a target sequence, for example, and particularly, to design strategies to screen recombinant clones by PCR. Some information is associated with each primer ; some automatically computed by AmplifX (like TM, Quality, length) and others given by the user (name, comments,…) This allows general aspects of primer management (sequences and real tubes). AmplifX can also design new primers.


Here it is the program I was talking about before Christmas: AmplifX. This is a program developed by a french research group.

And here it is a good tutorial post about this program in spanish. With this program we can simulate PCR and primer dimer formation and we can personalize the quality preferences, the default settings are slightly more restrictive than ours, so I use it as is to analyze the primers I design with Primer-blast, if they form no dimers and get 80 or more on the Q rate it will work fine for us.